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Thank you for your interest in Oakwood Decals! We are a family operated business specializing in designing and creating vinyl wall decals. We are located in Blue Springs, Missouri. We specialize in turning amazing designs, quotes and phrases into works of art. We got our start back when we built our first house, which we closed on everything one week before I lost my job. So there was no money for decorating, let alone furnishing it with all of the things that I had in my mind that I wanted to do.  Moving is a time to rethink your decor and being on a tight budget, and we decided that some of our family's favorite hobbies would be the perfect way to decorate our new home. I ordered a few airplane wall stickers off of the internet and fell in love.

The job search for me was not good, partially because it was in 2007, the economy was in the tank and my own attitude did not help. I was hell bent to never work in an office environment (car dealership)again, mainly because I am not one who likes to gossip about other people and their flaws, because I have plenty of my own issues, not having a body of a super model, a nice 1 inch scar on my forehead, one crooked tooth that was caused from not wearing my retainer after I got my braces off in my teens. So I became the target of the gossip and backstabbing. I dealt with it because we were wanting to build a house and my income mattered quite a bit. Well, one fine day, the place closed, permanently, and all at once, everything changed.

After the purchase of those airplane decals, I spent a Saturday at a neighborhood garage sale in a very "rich" neighborhood. Heck, why not? Nice things for the house for small bucks. I happened to come across a vinyl cutter that a sweet but bitter woman was selling to anger her husband. I giggled a bit at her story then frantically called my husband and insisted that he get to me right away, oh, and bring $75.00. He was walking on eggshells around me at that time because I had been feeling pretty worthless and depressed, I would cry over absolutely nothing, so 18 minutes later, he was there.  We made the purchase and I spent days and days on YouTube, forums, and the phone trying to figure out where to being and how to take a design and make a wall decal out of it. Three weeks later, we started selling on Ebay and it took off. It has been years of learning on our own, trials, many errors, several happy customers, some not so happy, but we were on our way, learning as we went. I have since become tired of paying the fees of the large marketplaces and decided to do my own website. With that I get to be more personal with people and it allows me to get into their mind on what they need and what will make them happy, where on the large marketplaces, that personal relationship is frowned upon. We started in the spare bedroom of our house, then moved to the basement. Well, for some reason, that basement had a huge spider problem and I spent half of the day screaming after either encountering one or walking through a web. So I got on Craigslist and found an exterminator. This tiny, scrawny young lady came over and while she was working, she sang Amazing Grace. So, Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound became my first actual wall words design. The spiders are gone, but so are we, because we build a 30 x 40 shop on our property where we do the decals now.

Our team consists of myself and my husband, but the inspirations for many of our designs and quotes come from my dad, who is a very wise person, an aviator and Army veteran. Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, and a big part of the reason that I want to be self-employed is because they are right next to us every day.

The name Oakwood Decals was inspired by the name of the street I was on when I found and purchased the vinyl cutter. 

Your home of wall decals, car decals, and many other items.

We also offer custom designs where we can turn your special saying or memory into extraordinary artwork. 

Our decals are made with a high quality adhesive vinyl that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It will adhere to most surfaces and has an outdoor rating of up to 10 years, depending on the climate.

We make each design as it is ordered. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for production, especially closer to the holidays!